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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ron Paul Supporters Stupid

Yeah Ron Paul supporters are too stupid to even realize there's this thing called a primary.... They don't even know you have to switch parties 3 months before the primary or general election or else they will not be allowed to vote.

Even worse are the dumbasses who are already registered republicans, live in a primary state, AND STILL DON'T VOTE for their guy IN THE PRIMARY. That is HELLA dumb and ULTRA lazy. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for not getting out there for the primary. NONE!!

These are the same people who are online every day touting Ron Paul and saying "RonPaul 2012" all the time. Yeah it's nice, but in the end IT MEANS SHIT if you don't vote in the primary.(unless you can't anyway, in that case, knock yourself out) ...... Oh snap. =]

So let's go people!
Democrats:Stop hugging the fucking tree, put out the joint...well ok keep it lit..... but DEFINITELY let go of the tree, stop butt fucking the polar bears and SWITCH PARTIES NOW.

Independents: Stop being so.. ... well... so fucking independent and choose sides already!! Switch parties for Ron Paul!!

Remember, OUR ONLY ALLEGIANCE is to the flag and the republic for which it stands [that was corny, right?!] NOT to some political party! I am an atheist and "under God" doesn't matter right now. We are in such dire times, we can't waste time with petty squabbling.

We the people must unite. WE have the power, not the
PARTIES, nor the POLITICIANS nor the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, not the CORPORATIONS or the UNIONS, not WALL STREET or the MEDIA... NONE OF THEM HAVE THE REAL POWER. We the people have the REAL POWER. We have been asleep. Awaken and take back what's ours!!
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